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Jeeves's Prank

    I have a GPS that has never sent me wrong, except one time at 1:00am in the really wrong part of Cleveland. We found ourselves driving through blocks and blocks of dark buildings; gaping windows with no glass, many boarded up. There were no cars on the street; here and there we could see a light in a 3rd story window.
    Then, as we were proceeding slowly through this, err... sketchy neighborhood, without warning we were almost lucky enough to be involved in a pretty good deal. A man with a cell phone to his ear ran out into the road, flagging us down and calling, "Yo! Yo!" (We were the white guys in the loaded down van with a bicycle on the roof; not a usual sight just there.)
    "Ha, ha!" we waved; "Yo, yo, yourself, dude. Take care, now, we gotta bounce!"
    I know it was rude of us, but we zoomed off.  Our GPS, Jeeves, was still sounding absurdly confident: