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Serious Business

     I riveted a steel handle onto a tin can, and I made a label: "Pencils 10¢".
     This was a prop for my show. I always have a questions-and-answers segment following the recital, so if somebody asks me what I really do, I bring out the can of pencils and rattle it.
      At the end of one show a man came up leading a little solemn boy by the hand, and he said, "My son would like to buy one of your pencils." My first thought was, "My props!"
     But recollecting myself, I got out the can and held it down to the boy, and told him he could pick out any pencil he liked. This he did, very seriously. So what with the tip that the boy's father gave me, I made 90¢ on the deal.
      Later on, I was regretting that it hadn't occurred to me to give the 90¢ change back to the boy, just to make it more authentic.

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