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        I foiled the piano tuner again; I daddled him again!
       15 years ago, which was the last time I had the piano tuner over, he expressed surprise when I told him that he had been the only one that we ever called to tune our piano, because it had been 10 years since his previous visit, so he just figured we had been calling somebody else. So now he calls our piano the miracle piano, because it is so stable. 
Actually, I touch up the piano myself, now and then, but I never have to do much. But recently one of the keys has been sticking; if it is struck medium hard, the hammer sticks against the string and mutes it. It's awkward when playing, to always have to remember to strike that one key softly, so it doesn't go >broinngk!<
I opened up the piano and tried to figure out why it was doing that; I poked and prodded and shined my light in there but I couldn't find the problem, and I finally thought, well, I'm gonna have to call the man. I like the man, but still, it's frustrating. I could take everything apart and figure it out eventually, but the piano tuner is experienced and he can go right to it without a lot of trouble, so let's just make the call.
But this morning, I looked in one last time, and I suddenly saw how to adjust the bad key, without doing deep surgery. After that, it only took me half a minute and now the key works perfectly. 
        So I banged out Maple Leaf Rag, and Bob's yer uncle!

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