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    "Always allow an extra half hour, for unforeseen hassles."  - Kevin.
    Like, sorting nuts. When I was a kid, I had to dig through a bucket of rusty nails, screws, and assorted junk, when I wanted to build anything. But as a grown-up gizmologist, I've been able to enjoy the luxury of buying the exact size and type of hardware I need for a project.
    So I ordered a box of #10-32 nylon-insert lock nuts, and when they arrived it turns out that they were the wrong size, in a mislabeled box. I contacted customer service and the lady was very nice; she apologized and immediately sent me out a new box. Of course, I checked them as soon as they came; they arrived in a box that was labeled the same as before, but this time the nuts inside were the right ones. The different nuts look the same on the outside, but with a sharp eye you can see the difference in thread size. I double-checked them on a screw, just to be sure.
    So I poured a handful of these good nuts into a can on my workbench, and I started assembling parts on the current gizmo I'm building. 
    But I'm having a weary day; I'm tired. Now I'm wondering, why am I fumbling so much? Why does this nut go on so hard? Can it be? Yes; it's another damn 10-24 locknut that I'm trying to put on a 10-32 screw. You have to peer really closely to see that the threads are different.  I start checking all the ones I poured in the can; they are mostly the wrong size; only one in every six or seven is right; but at this point, that's a great relief!  By much anxious sorting, and going back to the stash in the box, I was able to extract just enough right ones to finish this job.
    So it's a coincidence that the first ones I pulled out of the box were what it says on the label. And now that brings up the question of what might be in the other box! But that's a story for a later time; a whole different nut job.


  1. Ha ha! I needed a good laugh.

  2. You sir have greater equanimity
    and persistence than I!

    1. Thank you.
      I did keep calm, right after turning the air slightly blue with some choice expressions.


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