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    The host of a radio show was reading a story that he thought was funny, from the NY tabloids. It was about a man on a business trip, who had gotten drunk and called a couple of hookers, and all they did was steal his $600,000.00 Jaeger-LeCoultre watch. The drunk man had reported the incident, and it ended up being a big story: front page of the NY Post.
    Next day in a follow-up story, the man was furious at all the publicity; he protested that he had been too drunk to even remember calling the two hookers; he said that the story was being blown out of proportion: "You talked to my wife, you put me on the front page…"
    The radio host who was reading the story on the air was laughing: " 'Blown out of proportion'?
Not at all; this is a feel-good story! You might think you have problems: your car needs tires, you're having a bad day at work; but just think: at least you're not THIS guy! I mean, how much alcohol would you have to drink…? "
    At this point the host was interrupted by his co-host, who said, "I'm not even thinking about how much alcohol, let alone two hookers; I stopped at '$600,000.00 watch.' How is that even a thing?"

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