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    My website went haywire, so I tried to refresh the embed codes for the videos. After that,
all I could get when I clicked on a video, was a message which stated, more or less:
    "Your granny wears combat boots. May the end of your nose take a twist."
    Apparently I'm not a very good programmer.
    So the next day, I asked my webmaster Lauren to fix it. She went deep into the code, which frightened me, because we were tampering with the Matrix and everything. But I remembered the advice that the Quartermaster gave to Captain Sparrow in "Pirates".
    He said, "Keep to the Code."
    So I was encouraging Lauren with that advice, which I accompanied with sly knowing winks and nods. I assume that this was helping her greatly, though she pretended to be ignoring me. In any case, we finally got the website to behave itself: to play the selected videos instead of displaying insulting messages.
   We showed it who its daddy is.

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